David Martin
In 2020, we created a H2H metric that measures consistency across starting pitchers. Now, we analyze 2021 and 2022 data to determine the most consistent pitchers in baseball the past 2 years, and help guide you finding SP targets.
Thomas A. Mulhall
An Baseball Forecaster update to the East Asian players who will debut in 2023 or very soon.
Matthew Beagle
After Round One, these targets fill your needs in Round Two.
Matthew Beagle
We couldn't miss tagging Adley Rutschman #1 in Simulation Rookie Drafts! See the rankings with an exclusive look at ADPs of early drafts.
Matthew Cederholm
Nothing says "time for fantasy baseball" like Standings Gain Points (SGP). Get the estimated baseline 2023 values here.
Matthew Cederholm
We all know that the game has changed, particularly pitcher usage. How can we adapt our tried-and-true strategies to the new environment?
Zach Larson
A look at some potential categorical replacements to consider in your fantasy baseball leagues this spring.