Ray Murphy
The owners did the least surprising thing possible, imposing their lockout earlier this week. Here's what to expect from BHQ during the lockout...
Last month, we took some bows for our best calls of 2021. It's time to look at the flip side of that coin...
Ray Murphy
Aaron Nola's poor season was just one of many surprise 2021 performances. Here, we go through our annual process of categorizing both the positive and negative surprises of the just-wrapped season.
Ryan Bloomfield
In the final Speculator of 2021, we revisit some preseason calls and have a Corbin Burnes confession to make.
Brad Kullman
Can Twins phenom Joe Ryan save your fantasy season? Can anyone who is still out there on the waiver wire? It's time to make a call and give it one last shot to make your move!
Ryan Bloomfield
Our annual exercise of the baseball equivalent for "Wow that was a terrible shot; here, hit another one."
Brad Kullman
Sudden slugger Frank Schwindel continues to be a hot attraction among fantasy buyers, as his ownership shot up over the 50-percent mark this week. Who else is demanding the attention of fantasy competitors?



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