Ryan Bloomfield
Cavan Biggio's 2021 season has been a full-blown disaster—might a combination of finger/hand injuries be to blame? We'll speculate on poor performances that may be injury-related.
Brad Kullman
Heck, do anything, but don't cut healthy skilled players you liked last week! Two such players suddenly went from 20%+ ownership to near zero in a matter of days. Was that strategic thinking, or an exasperated overreaction?
Ray Murphy
Some notes collected while browsing our Leading Indicators section...
Ryan Bloomfield
In a year full of early injuries, our "Draft skills, not roles" mantra persists.
Brad Kullman
Pittsburgh's J.T. Brubaker has been serving up a healthy dose of zeroes in the early going, sending fantasy owners scrambling to pick him up. Who else is moving the market?
Brent Hershey
Revenge of the Bulkers: How 2021 circumstances and good old-fashioned skills should propel some high-volume "relievers"—such as Michael Kopech—into your weekly lineup considerations.
Ryan Bloomfield
It's early, but things are looking up for Sandy Alcantara. We'll use some per-pitch metrics to make snap judgments on pitchers.