Matthew Cederholm
It seems the market is undervaluing first base overall, and there are a couple of real bargains available. If you plan carefully, you get get a lot of value from your first base and corner positions in 2019.
Ray Murphy
Ray used this week's LABR draft as a data point to audit our current projection set.
Ray Murphy
Seven candidates to replicate Javy Baez' 2018 breakout profile.
Matthew Cederholm
Let's talk third base! No speed, but plenty of everything else. A couple of overpriced players and a few bargains. You'll have to read on for the skinny...
Ray Murphy
I was very happy with our FSTA Draft. Why did my next draft feel so different?
Jeffrey Zimmerman
Now more than ever, more and more non-closers have fantasy value. Here are a few ways to spot them.
Ryan Bloomfield
Edwin Encarnacion is the highest-drafted player to get a "DN:" grade in the Baseball Forecaster. Has his outlook changed since press time? We sort through the DN listers.


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