MINORS: Traded prospects, Class of 2012, Pt. 2

A primer on prospects (those who have not appeared in MLB) traded during the 2012 season. For coverage of July 1-29, see Pt. 1 here.


July 31

Christian Villanueva, 3B
Traded from TEX to CHC in Dempster deal
2012 stats: .285/.356/.421 with 10 HR and 19 doubles in 375 AB
Current age/level: 21, High-A Myrtle Beach
Summary: Villanueva is enjoying another solid season after hitting .278/.338/.465 in 2011 at Low-A Hickory. At 5-11, 160, he’s seen as more as a pure hitter at third base than a classic corner slugger. But he’s also just 21 with development time in front of him. There’s a good foundation here.
Immediate future: Villanueva will report to High-A Daytona.

Kyle Hendricks, RHP
Traded from TEX to CHC in Dempster deal
2012 stats: 2.82 ERA, 1.0 Ctl, 7.7 Dom, 7.5 Cmd in 130.2IP (20 GS)
Current age/level: 22, High-A Myrtle Beach
Summary: Hendricks is Exhibit A on looking a lower-level statistics with a skeptical eye. Though he obviously has excellent control and some feel for strikeouts, his pitches include a fastball that only touches 90 mph and only average secondary offerings. That’s unlikely to make much of a dent at the higher levels.
Immediate future: Hendricks will report to High-A Daytona.

Steve Wright, RHP
Traded from CLE to BOS in Anderson deal
2012 stats: 2.65 ERA, 4.8 Ctl, 7.9 Dom, 1.6 Cmd in 115 IP (20 GS)
Current age/level: 27, Double-A Akron
Summary: Wright first reached Double-A in 2008; he’s bounced between Double-A and Triple-A since then. He’s a rare knuckleballer who has found ERA success in 2012, if not Ctl or Cmd success. Little MLB potential.
Immediate future: Wright will likely join either Double-A Portland or Triple-A Pawtucket.

J.C. Sulbaran, RHP
Traded from CIN to KC in Broxton deal
2012 stats: 4.04 ERA, 4.6 Ctl, 9.5 Dom, 2.1 Cmd in 104.2 IP (19 GS)
Current age/level: 22, Double-A Pensacola
Summary: Sulbaran has finally put up numbers to match his stuff, which includes a sinking low-90s fastball and good curveball. If his secondary pitches improve, he has rotation potential, though it’s a couple seasons away.
Immediate future: Sulbaran will join the rotation at Double-A Northwest Arkansas.

Donnie Joseph, LHP
Traded from CIN to KC in Broxton deal
2012 stats: 1.72 ERA, 2.9 Ctl, 11.7 Dom, 4.0 Cmd in 52.1 IP (44 G)
Current age/level: 24, Triple-A Louisville
Summary: Joseph is a serious relief prospect with good size (6-3, 190) and a mid-90s fastball. He’s battled some mechanical inconsistencies in the past, but things seemed to click in Double-A to start the season (30 IP, 46 K, 8 BB) and he’s carried it over in 18 Triple-A appearances. Late-inning upside, lefty specialist floor. He was ranked #13 in our preseason Cincinnati Organizational Report
Immediate future: Joseph still needs time in Triple-A and will report to Omaha, but could be a part of the Royals bullpen soon.

Kyle Kaminska, RHP
Traded from MIA to PIT in Sanchez deal
2012 stats: 5.20 ERA, 1.5 Ctl, 7.4 Dom, 4.9 Cmd in 53.2 IP (33 G)
Current age/level: 23, Double-A Jacksonville
Summary: Kaminska has excellent control, but barely passable stuff—he’s given up 75 hits in his 63.2 IP this season. He’s had some success in the lower minors, but has struggled at the higher levels.
Immediate future: He’ll report to Double-A Altoona.

Zack Cox, 3B
Traded from STL to MIA in Mujica deal
2012 stats: .254/.294/.421 with 9 HR and 23 doubles in 299 AB
Current age/level: 23, Triple-A Memphis
Summary: Cox’s stats have continued to drop as he’s risen the organizational ladder, bottoming out in 2012. Touted as the best pure hitter in the 2010 draft, the question used to be if he’d ever develop the power necessary for a first-division corner infielder. While that hasn’t come to fruition, he’s been unable to sustain his hit tool, either. With below-average speed and only passable defensive mechanics, he needs to hit. He was ranked #6 in our preseason St. Louis Cardinals Organizational Report.
Immediate future: Cox will report to Triple-A New Orleans, though will very likely get at least a September look with the Marlins.

Tommy Joseph, C
Traded from SF to PHI in Pence deal
2012 stats: .260/.313/.391 with 8 HR and 16 doubles in 304 AB
Current age/level: 21, Double-A Richmond
Summary: Joseph (pictured above) is a bat-first catcher that has made strides with his defense. After a breakout offensive season in High-A in 2011 (.270, 22 HR), he’s struggled a bit at Double-A, though he only just turned 21 years old. Many feel he’s made enough improvements behind the plate to warrant staying there; obviously his potential fantasy value will be high as long as he can catch. Joseph was ranked #9 in our preseason San Francisco Organizational Report.
Immediate future: Joseph immediately becomes the best Phillies position player prospect, and will report to Double-A Reading.

Seth Rosin, RHP
Traded from SF to PHI in Pence deal
2012 stats: 4.31 ERA, 2.9 Ctl, 10.9 Dom, 4.3 Cmd in 56.1 IP (5 GS)
Current age/level: 23, High-A San Jose
Summary: Rosin has gone back and forth between starter and reliever; his last five appearances have been as a starter, with excellent results (24 IP, 3.75 ERA, 24/5 K/BB). He has an explosive fastball and killer change-up; whether he gets to the majors as a starter depends on improvement of a breaking pitch. Has a big-leaguer’s body (6-6, 250) and a history of good control.
Immediate future: Rosin will report to High-A Clearwater.

Ethan Martin, RHP
Traded from LA to PHI in Victorino deal
2012 stats: 3.58 ERA, 4.7 Ctl, 8.5 Dom, 1.8 Cmd in 118 IP (20 GS)
Current age/level: 23, Double-A Chattanooga
Summary: Martin is a former first-round pick (15th overall in 2008) that has developed slowly. But he’s taken some steps forward in 2012, improving his Ctl while regaining some ommph on his fastball. A plus curveball and a currently fringy change-up round out his offerings. If the change-up improves, he has mid-rotation upside; scouts can also see an effective two-pitch reliever. Martin was ranked #11 in our preseason Los Angeles Organizational Report.
Immediate future: Martin will join the Double-A rotation at Reading.

Leon Landry, OF
Traded from LA to SEA in League deal
2012 stats: .328/.358/.559 with 8 HR and 26 doubles, 15 triples and 20 SB in 345 AB
Current age/level: 22, High-A Rancho Cucamonga
Summary: After a poor showing at Low-A in 2011 (.667 OPS), Landry dropped off prospect lists, but his resurgence in 2012 is worth noting. Though he doesn’t walk, has some speed and has been cranking out the extra-base hits. It remains to be seen how much of this is due to the offense-friendly CAL league, and he has a reputation as a plus defender in centerfield. A bit of a fantasy sleeper.
Immediate future: Landry will report to High-A High Desert, though we’ll not know how much of this is for real until he hits Double-A.

Logan Bawcom, RHP
Traded from LA to SEA in League deal
2012 stats: 2.03 ERA, 4.1 Ctl, 11.1 Dom, 2.7 Cmd in 48.2 IP (39 G)
Current age/level: 23, Double-A Chattanooga
Summary: Bawcom carries a strong Dom history (10.9 career) but also struggles a bit with his control. A 17th rounder in 2010, he started the season in High-A but lasted only 14 innings (0.64 ERA, 15.4 Dom). He’s closed in the minors, but likely profiles as a middle reliever in the majors. But because of his power arsenal and good size (6-2, 200), he’s a bullpen arm to watch.
Immediate future: Bawcom will report to Double-A Jackson.


July 30

Jaye Chapman, RHP
Traded from ATL to CHC in Maholm/Johnson deal
2012 stats: 3.52 ERA, 4.9 Ctl, 10.0 Dom, 2.0 Cmd in 53.2 IP (40 G)
Current age/level: 25, Triple-A Gwinnett
Summary: Chapman has been a slow riser, as he’s been in the Braves system since 2006 and a relief arm for almost his entire career. Lots of strikeouts, but lots of walks also. Organizational filler.
Immediate future: Chapman will report to Triple-A Iowa, though could see his first MLB action late this season.

Jacob Brigham, RHP
Traded from TEX to CHC in Soto deal
2012 stats: 4.28 ERA, 3.3 Ctl, 8.4 Dom, 2.5 Cmd in 124 IP (21 GS)
Current age/level: 24, Double-A Frisco
Summary: Brigham stalled at Double-A in 2011 has repeated the level in 2012 without much improvement. He features a big, mid-90s fastball and though he has impressive strikeout totals, his lack of a plus secondary pitch makes him hittable (122 hits surrendered in 2012). Upside is a late-inning reliever, though has work to do to get there.
Immediate future: Will report to Double-A Tennessee.

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