HQ RADIO March 14, 2017: Gene McCaffrey

March 14 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Guest expert Gene McCaffrey of Wise Guy Baseball discusses the World Baseball classic, why Eric Hosmer's ground-ball tendencies could mean added power, why the 'ground ball good, flyball bad' gospel for pitchers just ain't so, popularity in DFS, taking Kershaw and another ace with two top picks... also Playing Time... Frequent Fliers,  and Master Notes...

Show Rundown (runs 1:14:15)

> Feature expert interview (1:55): Gene McCaffrey

> Playing Time (1:05:10): Ryan Bloomfield looks at replacement options behind Arizona's oft-injured starting outfield

> Frequent Fliers (1:08:25): Alex Beckey looks at HOU OF Ramon Laureano and COL SP Jeff Hoffman

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