HQ Radio April 14, 2017

April 14 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Guest expert Lawr Michaels, from Mastersball and USA Today., discusses when it's a good time to panic, waiver wire targets, some early season sizzlers and fizzlers, cool tunes... also  the Minor League Minute…Weekend Pitcher Matchups, Master Notes

Show Rundown (runs 2:12:25)

> NL News (starts at 2:25): Harold Nichols looks at a new old closer in PHI, early batting surprises and a sneaky potential NL Batting champion in WAS

> AL News (24:15): Ryan Bloomfield looks at injuries to Adrian Beltre and Jean Segura, the TEX closer situation

> Feature expert interview (54:25): Lawr Michaels

> Minor League Minute (1:47:15): Rob Gordon looks at NYY RHP Albert Abreu

> Playing Time (1:49:10): Ryan Bloomfield looks at the closer carousels in OAK and ARI

> Frequent Fliers (1:52:10): Alex Beckey looks at NYY OF Aaron Hicks and DET reliever Joe Jimenez

> Weekend Pitcher Matchups (1:56:20): Greg Fishwick has the weekend's starts by Jake Arrieta, Bartolo Colon, and more

> Master Notes (2:01:45):  BaseballHQ Radio host Patrick Davitt discusses whether it's time to start panicking about Byron Buxton

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