HQ NOW: The 2018 Fantasy Baseball Season Begins THIS WEEK!

Football is over. Baseball is back.

There's a revolution underway in baseball. The game itself is changing. Launch angles. The 10-day DL. The dearth of stolen bases. Starting pitcher workloads. Shifting bullpen paradigms. This winter's free agent freeze. All of these changes directly impact our fantasy teams.

To navigate this environment, you need a trusted partner. But the landscape for fantasy baseball analysis is more crowded than ever. Who should you trust? Well, in just the past few weeks, the accolades and acknowledgements for BaseballHQ have been rolling in:

  1. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association recently named BaseballHQ.com their "Best single-sport news and analysis site" for 2017.
  2. In a recent article in The Athletic-Philadelphia, Phillies manager Gabe Kapler was seen with a copy of the 2018 Baseball Forecaster on his shelf.

Discover what both fantasy industry leaders and forward-thinking MLB teams already know—that BaseballHQ.com is a resource worth turning to. For more than 30 years, our product line (websitebooksconferences) has earned the reputation of the industry leader in succinct, easy-to-understand analysis that does one thing: produces fantasy baseball winners.

Like a good partner, BaseballHQ.com is there for every step of the season-from these all-important weeks leading up to your draft (content plan detailed here), through the early and mid-season developments and right on through the September pennant races. We highlight the overall trends, show what performances are real (and which ones are not) and are among the first to identify emerging players to target. All with one singular goal: To aid you in that 2018 fantasy baseball Championship.

Week after week, a subscription to BaseballHQ will give you more ways to win than any other information source:

Content features:

  • Daily, in-depth news analysis
  • Long-term performance analysis via Fact or Fluke
  • Columns on starters, relievers, and batters that focus uncovering gems
  • MLB team columns that assess playing time opportunities
  • ADP variance analysis
  • Minor league prospect and team reports
  • Full coverage of industry-experts drafts by our own participants
  • Support for roto, sim, NFBC, H2H, DFS, points, and more


  • Player projections, updated daily
  • Customized fantasy cheat sheets
  • Strategic draft prep tools, like Rotisserie grids
  • Searchable player database with news log
  • NEW! Daily starting pitching matchup ratings
  • Customized team profiler and stat-tracker
  • Writer-supported, interactive reader forums
  • Data files with 10+ years of history
  • ...and much more!

Need more data? Here are over 300 reasons why fantasy baseball winners rely on Baseball HQ to help them draft and manage their teams. Plus, see how our best projections of 2017 gave subscribers the edge at this time last year.

Winners know that draft preparation is an essential element for success. Start yours now!

Two Subscription Options:

Draft Prep Subscription
Complete access from now through April 30, 2018: $39

Annual Subscription
Complete access from now through October 7, 2018: $80
This plan renews automatically each October at an annual rate of $89. (You can opt out anytime.)

If you want to ensure you have the best draft information, the time to act is NOW! Subscribe today and join our list of fantasy baseball winners.



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