FANALYTICS: Three named to Rotisserie Hall of Fame

While the the baseball universe waits impatiently for tomorrow's controversial Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) Hall of Fame announcement, the fantasy industry has named its 2014 picks for the Rotisserie Hall of Fame: Roy Halladay, Todd Helton and Mariano Rivera.

Eligibility for the Roto Hall is based on lifetime and peak Rotisserie dollar earnings, and number of times ranked within the top 15 batters or pitchers during the player's career. Complete details about the eligibility criteria appear here.

Unlike the BBWAA, there is no waiting period for Roto Hall induction. If a player meets all the other criteria, he can be inducted as soon as he officially retires. As such, 20 of the 36 players on the current BBWAA ballot are already Roto Hall members.

Here are descriptions of the Roto Hall's three new members:

Roy Halladay
Inducted with: Toronto Blue Jays (7th inductee with this team)
No. years in Majors: 16
Career 5x5 earnings: $250
Average annual earnings, career: $16
Average annual earnings, peak: $28 (Tied for 7th among all pitchers)
No. years in top 15: 7 (Tied for 8th among all pitchers)

During the 10-year period of 2002 to 2011, Roy Halladay was one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball. He finished in the top 15 of all pitchers seven times during that span and posted an ERA of 3.25 or better in eight of those years. He posted five $30-plus seasons, including four straight from 2008-2011. Only four pitchers had more $30-plus seasons: Randy Johnson (9), Roger Clemens (8), Greg Maddux (8) and Pedro Martinez (6). (Curt Schilling matched Halladay with 5.)

Todd Helton
Inducted with: Colorado Rockies (3rd inductee)
No. years in Majors: 17
Career 5x5 earnings: $364
Average annual earnings, career: $21
Average annual earnings, peak: $30
No. years in top 15: 3

It can be argued that had Todd Helton played in a stadium closer to sea level and during a non-steroid inflated era, he might have been nothing more than Mark Grace. But the Roto Hall only considers a player's actual impact on his fantasy teams, and Helton was incredibly dominant during the first half of his career. He was one of only 17 batters in the Hall with multiple $40-plus seasons.

Mariano Rivera
Inducted with: New York Yankees (4th inductee)
No. years in Majors: 19
Career 5x5 earnings: $359
Average annual earnings, career: $19
Average annual earnings, peak: $24
No. years in top 15: 6 (Tied for 9th among all pitchers)

Mariano Rivera was the best relief pitcher in the history of the game. He becomes the 10th reliever during the Rotisserie era to be inducted in the Roto Hall. Here is how his numbers stack up against the other nine (ranked by career earnings):

Pitcher     Yrs  Career  Avg  Peak  Top15
=========== ===  ======  ===  ====  =====
Rivera,M     19   $359   $19   $24    6
Hoffman,T    17   $302   $18   $23    4 
Eckersely,D  19   $280   $15   $24    4
Smith,L      18   $276   $15   $20    3
Wagner,B     16   $234   $15   $18    4
Reardon,J    15   $223   $15   $20    3
Wetteland,J  12   $186   $16   $21    2 
Quisenberry  11   $172   $16   $24    5
Nen,R        10   $170   $17   $21    4
Sutter,B     12   $136   $17   $24    4

Rivera earned more Rotisserie dollars in his career, averaged more per year and finished among the Top 15 pitchers more often than any other relief pitcher.

Visit the Rotisserie Hall of Fame at You can review and add your personal experiences on all 87 members of the Roto Hall.


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