DR HQ: Weekly Wrapup, August 20-26

Jose Bautista (OF, TOR)
Injury: Soreness, left wrist
DL date: August 26
Estimated DL Time: Bautista just spent roughly five weeks on the DL due to tendinitis and soreness in his left wrist. One game plus one at-bat (a walk) he’s back on the DL. If all he needs is a bit more time for the soreness to clear up, then 15 days should be enough. But he'll see a hand specialist on Monday, and if more rest or surgery is suggested, then Bautista’s season is over.

Ben Sheets (RHP, ATL)
Injury: Inflammation, right shoulder
DL date: August 25
Estimated DL Time: It didn’t take a rocket scientist to predict he would break down physically—the only question was when. He’s back on the DL due to inflammation and one has to wonder if he’s pitched his last game in the majors. He was written off once but this wasn’t much of a comeback. I doubt we’ll see him again in 2012 and if we do it will be a mop-up type role.

Chad Billingsley (RHP, LA)
Injury: Inflammation, right elbow.
DL date: August 25
Estimated DL Time: The sore elbow that he struggled with in July resurfaced during his latest outing and he’s back on the DL. It's too bad because he was pitching great as of late. When GM Ned Colletti indicated he will be out a while, did that mean most of the rest of the regular season? If that is the case good thing they snagged Josh Beckett.

Ivan Nova (RHP, NYY)
Injury: Inflammation, right rotator cuff.
DL date: August 22
Estimated DL Time: He doesn’t have any structural damage according to the latest MRI, which is good news. However, based on reports from the Yankees and the injury database, he could miss a month and might also miss the opening round of the playoffs.

Jason Marquis (RHP, SD)
Injury: Fractured left wrist
DL date: August 22
Estimated DL Time: It's hard seeing Marquis coming back late in September even though the fracture is to the non-throwing arm but the Padres are not counting him out just yet.

Justin Christian (OF, SF)
Injury: Sprained left wrist
DL date: August 23
Estimated DL Time: There aren’t a lot of details yet on the injury as we wait for the MRI results, etc. If he makes it back he might only get a week to ten days worth of time before the season ends.

Emilio Bonifacio (OF, MIA)
Injury: Sprained right knee
DL date: August 22
Estimated DL Time: This is his third trip to the DL this year, the first time for a knee problem. If his knee does not respond to treatment quickly and he isn’t doing baseball related drills by the first full weekend in September, the Marlins might just shut the door on his 2012 season.

Peter Bourjos (OF, LAA)
Injury: Sore right wrist
DL date: Retro to August 19
Estimated DL Time: The wrist ailment isn’t serious enough to cost him the rest of the season. Even so, his playing time will continue to be limited once he makes it back from the DL.

Eric Young Jr. (OF, COL)
Injury: Strained ribcage
DL date: August 20
Estimated DL Time: He didn’t heal quick enough to avoid a DL stint but he will be back when his 15 days are up.

Jordan Norberto (LHP, OAK)
Injury: Tendinitis, left shoulder
DL date: August 18
Estimated DL Time: The A’s could use him in the pen but because this is his second time on the DL. He could need up to four weeks to bounce back which means he misses almost the rest of the season.

Rob Johnson (C, NYY)
Injury: Torn ligament, left thumb.
DL date: Retro August 13
Estimated DL Time: Even if he avoids surgery if the tear is significant enough its hard seeing him back before the season ends.

Carl Crawford OF, LA)
Injury: Torn ulnar collateral ligament, left elbow
DL date: August 20
Estimated DL Time: We knew his left elbow has been barking at him for some time. Once the Red Sox raised the red flag and before they made their dump deal with the Dodgers, Crawford said he wanted the surgery now. He should have enough time to make the Dodgers roster out of spring training unless he suffers a setback.

Alejandro De Aza (OF, CHW)
Injury: Bruised ribs
DL date: Retro to August 18
Estimated DL Time: The White Sox medical staff believes he can be ready to play just after roster expands and his DL stint if up.

Chad Qualls (RHP, PIT)
Injury: irritation of his left big toe
DL date: August 25
Estimated DL Time: The Bucs should have him back when they expand their roster in September and when is DL stint expires on September 10.


With rosters expanding on September, this week is usually very slow regarding activations. Once September 1 gets here, the floodgates should be open for a lot of activations.

Note: The Weekly Wrap-up won’t be published next week so I can walk my daughter down the aisle at her wedding next Sunday! It will return in the September roster form the following week. – Dr. HQ

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