DR HQ: V. Martinez, Ellsbury, Myers, Werth and more

Victor Martinez (DH, DET)
Injury: Sore left knee; surgery 2/2015 to repair meniscus damage.
DL date: May 19
Estimated DL time: Martinez pushed his rehab program in the spring and has paid the price. The Tigers hope the 15 or so days of rest and treatment will be enough for Martinez’ knee to strengthen and allow him to play with only minor discomfort. He should be back in 15-18 days.

Jacoby Ellsbury (OF, NYY)
Injury: Grade 1 sprain of the lateral (LCL) collateral ligament in his right knee. It appeared he suffered the injury when he caught his spikes in the dirt while at the plate.
DL date: May 20
Estimated DL time: Roughly three weeks. An MRI was done on his knee reportedly ruled out and damage to the ACL or meniscus in his right knee. When he returns, it is likely Ellsbury will be cautious on the basepaths until he regains confidence in the knee.

Drew Pomeranz (LHP, OAK)
Injury: Tightness – pitching shoulder
DL date: May 19
Estimated DL time: He was given a cortisone injection with the goal of reducing the inflammation in his left shoulder. Once the medical staff is satisfied with his progress, he’ll be given the green light to resume throwing. How quickly he returns to action depends on when he resumes throwing off a mound.

Corey Dickerson (OF, COL)
Injury: Plantar fasciitis – left foot.
DL date: May 19
Estimated DL time: How long he remains on the DL depends on how the inflammation in his left foot subsides. The hope is 15-18 days will be enough for some of the inflammation to subside. This is a chronic condition and is likely to bother him from now until the season is over at which time he will have to make a decision regarding surgery.

Jarred Cosart (RHP, MIA)
Injury: Vertigo
DL date: May 14
Estimated DL time: This is a medical term for dizziness. It most likely involves the inner ear or a reaction to some of the medication he may be taking. His return date is unknown though it is expected to be inside of three weeks.

Wil Myers (OF, SD)
Injury: Tendinitis - left wrist
DL date: May 11
Estimated DL time: The Padres initially thought 3-5 days would be enough for the ailment to clear up. It didn’t, and now he’s on the DL.  With the amount of soreness in the wrist, it sounds like he’ll need 18-21 days of rest and treatment before he’s ready. This injury isn’t expected to reduce his offensive production once he’s activated.

Jayson Werth (OF, WAS)
Injury: Soreness – left wrist
DL date: May 16
Estimated DL time: Considering Werth has had three surgeries on the wrist since arriving in the majors, it surprising he hasn’t had more problems with it. This looks just to be some soft tissue soreness, and the ligaments in his wrist are intact.

Phil Gosselin (RHP, NYY)
Injury: Avulsion fracture – right thumb
DL date: May 18
Estimated DL time: He’ll need surgery to set the fracture site thus pushing his return to at least 7-8 weeks. Barring a quicker than expected recovery, Gosselin is expected to miss approximately eight weeks. We won’t see him in a Yankees uniform until just after the All-Star break.

Bud Norris (RHP, BAL)
Injury: Bronchitis
DL date: May 11
Estimated DL time: Norris is making progress from this ailment and the Orioles believe he can come off the DL very close to his activation date of May 26.

Samuel Deduno (RHP, HOU)
Injury: Strained lower back
DL date: May 14
Estimated DL time: The MRI done on his lower back eliminated everything but inflammation in the lower back/hip area. He’s expected only to need about three weeks before being activated.

Chad Billingsley (RHP, PHI)
Injury: Strained lat muscle – Grade 2
DL date: May 16
Estimated DL time: This can be a tough ailment to recover from. Billingsley’s will need close to six weeks to bounce back from this injury. We won’t see him until very close to the All-Star break.

Ike Davis (1B, OAK)
Injury: Strained left quad muscle – grade 2
DL date: May 14
Estimated DL time: The fact this injury is rated a grade 2 indicates Davis could miss up to six weeks—though the injury doesn’t appear to be that serious. Look for Davis to miss 3-4 weeks.

Ross Detwiler (LHP)
Injury: Inflammation - pitching shoulder
DL date: May 15
Estimated DL time: Given the lack of specific information from the Rangers and how poorly Detwiler has pitched this season, this could well be a phantom injury. As such, it's unknown how long he’ll be out.

Jordan Schafer (OF, MIN)
Injury: Sprained MCL (medial collateral ligament) - right knee
DL date: May 11
Estimated DL time: Schafer has battled this injury since April, and it finally landed him on the disabled list. He’s not a candidate for surgery but will need at least 17-21 days of treatment.

Dilson Herrera (2B, NYM)
Injury: Fractured (non-displaced) middle finger – right hand
DL date: May 15
Estimated DL time: No word from the Mets yet how long he’ll be out. He’s unlikely to return until the middle portion of June based on the typical timetable recovery for this injury.

Doug Fister (RHP, WAS)
Injury: Strained flexor muscle – right forearm
DL date: May 15
Estimated DL time: This looks to be a recent injury and one that doesn’t need surgery. It also helps that it's not the tendon and only involves the muscle. Fister will probably need a minimum of four weeks to recover.

Rehab Updates

Masahiro Tanaka (RHP, NYY)
Injury: Strained pitching forearm
Rehab Update: The Yankees indicate he should need only a couple of rehab starts before he is activated at the end of the month. Lost in all this positive talk is he’s not close to being 100%, and the UCL in his right elbow is torn.

Ben Zobrist (2B, OAK)
Injury: Torn meniscus – left knee
Rehab Update: Out since April 25, he has started his rehab assignment. He is slowly building up his leg strength, and he’s avoided any knee up until this point of his rehab. Zobrist should be ready for activation at some next week.

Sean Doolittle (RHP, OAK)
Injury: Slightly torn rotator cuff in his pitching shoulder.
Rehab Update: Doolittle, who hasn’t pitched in a game yet this year, is moving closer to activation. The A’s should be able to activate him at some point in the next 7-10 days. It is unlikely he’ll be used in back-to-back situations until after the break based on his injury situation.

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