DR HQ: Second-half returns

With the post all-star part of the season just underway, we’ll look at selected players on the disabled list, what their injuries are and expectations are for the rest of the season.

Lance Berkman (DH, TEX)
Injury: Inflammation, left hip
ETA and performance expectations: He’s taking BP and if the hip does not flare up again, he’s expected back the end of July. He shouldn’t see a big improvement, as it appears age has finally caught up to him.

Clay Buchholz (RHP, BOS)
Injury: Bursitis, right shoulder
ETA and performance expectations: First it was a strained right trapezius muscle and now the bursitis. Factor in a couple of setbacks and the immediate future does not look good. His overall shoulder health is not good right now. Unknown when he will return and how well he will pitch. If he were shut down for the season at some point in August it would not be a surprise.

Melky Cabrera (OF, TOR)
Injury: Tendinitis, left knee
ETA and performance expectations: He’s recovering quicker than expected and we should see him back with the Jays in about a week. Regarding his production? It's doubtful he’ll be a major factor once he’s back and we could debate the reasons why.

Yu Darvish (RHP, TEX)
Injury: Strained (right) trapezius muscle
ETA and performance expectations: His move to the DL was more out of protection than it was due to a serious injury. He is expected to pitch on Monday be back inside of a week. Once he regains confidence in his shoulder strength Darvish should resume his normal level of production.

Marco Estrada (RHP, MIL)
Injury: Strained lower back/hamstring.
ETA and performance expectations: The fact another bullpen session was canceled is not a good sign. His back/hamstring woes continue and he should be considered out until at least mid-August until he can prove he can pitch without pain. Shaping up to be a very disappointing season for him.

Paul Konerko (1B, CHW)
Injury: Lower back strain
ETA and performance expectations: The current issue blocking his return is his inability to play in the field. Once he regains enough strength and flexibility in his back he’ll go out on a rehab assignment. Looks like he’s out until early August and isn’t likely to come close to 20 HR this season.

Colby Lewis (RHP, TEX)
Injury: Strained right forearm
ETA and performance expectations: He is out on a rehab assignment in Double-A and reports continue his velocity and command are off. There is nothing in the rehab reports that would suggest he’s worth any kind of investment this season.

Brandon McCarthy (RHP, ARI)
Injury: Strained right shoulder
ETA and performance expectations: He is starting his rehab assignment this weekend and will need 2-4 rehab starts before being activated. He’s missed a bunch of time and should be voided until he shows he can pitch effectively again.

Ben Revere (OF, PHI)
Injury: Fractured right foot
ETA and performance expectations: He’ll need up to eight weeks to bounce back from this surgery. He won’t return until early September and base running is likely to be curtailed when he does get activated.

Alex Rodriquez (3B, NYY)
Injury: Recovery from left hip surgery
ETA and performance expectations: The Yankees were expected to activate him sometime this week, but he's scheduled for another MRI in New York on Monday. The big question is how much strength and flexibility has his lost after have surgery on both hips. The answer is probably a lot of it.

Josh Willingham (OF, MIN)
Injury: Left knee surgery 
ETA and performance expectations: He will need between four-to-six weeks to recovery, putting his return close to the middle of August.

Kevin Youkilis (1B, 3B, NYY)
Injury: Surgery to repair a herniated disc in his lower back.
ETA and performance expectations: The Yankees are not likely to have his services until the end of August or early September. Once he returns he’s probably a part-time player at best.


And injury updates from over the weekend:

Derek Jeter (SS, NYY)

Injury: Strained right quad muscle
DL date: 
July 12
Estimated DL time: 
He can come off the DL late in July, but this does not look like it will be a minimal DL stay. Expect an early August return.

Estimated 2013 effect upon return:  His playing time will be watched closely when he returns and he is unlikely to play full-time because of his ankle and now this injury.

Brian Bogusevic (OF, CHN)
Injury: Strained left hamstring
DL date: 
July 19
Estimated DL time:
It looks as though this is a minor strain and he should return in 15-18 days.
Estimated 2013 effect upon return:
  None expected.

Andrew Bailey (RHP, BOS)
Injury: Torn labrum and capsule, right shoulder.  The tear to the anterior (front) portion of his shoulder capsule is not good news. Factor in the damage to the labrum also and this injury threatens his career.
DL date: 
July 13
Estimated DL time: 
He’s out until the second half of the 2014 season and likely more. The combination makes this almost impossible to return from and pitch effectively.
Estimated 2013 effect upon return:
  Out until July of 2014 if not longer.

Nolan Reimold (OF, BAL)
Injury: Inflamed nerve, cervical spine. He’ll need surgery to remove the pressure.
DL date: July 14
Estimated DL time: 
He’s done for the season with the expected surgery to take place in a few days. Barring major complications he should be ready at the start of spring training 2014.
Estimated 2013 effect upon return:
  Out for the rest of 2013.

Matt Holliday (OF, STL)
Injury: Strained right hamstring

DL date: July 12

Estimated DL time: The All-Star break did not afford him enough time to heal so he’s headed to the DL He should be back close to when his 15 days are up.
Estimated 2013 effect upon return:
  None expected.

Zoilo Almonte (OF, NYY)
Injury: Sprained left ankle
DL date: 
July 20
Estimated DL time: 
The Yankees need healthy bodies and they couldn’t wait and see if his ankle would respond to treatment quickly. Look for a return in 15-18 days.
Estimated 2013 effect upon return:

Rafael Betancourt (RHP, COL)
Injury: Appendicitis
DL date: 
July 15

Estimated DL time: The current timetable to return from an appendectomy is between three and four weeks.
Estimated 2013 effect upon return:
  His workload might be curtailed some when he first comes back due to stamina issues.

Jeremy Affeldt (LHP, SF)
Injury: Strained left groin (grade 2) injury. The MRI revealed significant damage to muscle.
DL date: 
July 21

Estimated DL time: A grade 2 strain pushes his return to a maximum of six weeks. Any kind of setback or complication likely would end his 2013 season.
Estimated 2013 effect upon return:

Jason Marquis (RHP, SD)
Injury: Strained right elbow.
DL date: 
July 20
Estimated DL time: 
The problem is close to the ulnar collateral ligament, suggesting he’ll need Tommy John surgery. Even if he avoids surgery, its unlikely he returns before September. 

Estimated 2013 effect upon return:  he definitely won’t pitch effectively again this season. If he needs elbow reconstruction surgery he’ll be out until after the all-star break in 2014.

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