DR HQ: Is Morneau's career over? Plus Strasburg, Byrd, Beltre and more

Josh Hamilton (OF, TEX)
Injury: Strained left hamstring – grade 2
DL date: June 1
Estimated DL time: The Rangers were pretty quick to declare he would miss four weeks with this injury. We aren’t going to read anything into that at this time, but it was curious. Because of his health and injury history he’ll be tagged as injury-prone for the rest of his career. Look for a return early July—and if it stretches to just after the break, don’t be surprised.

Archie Bradley (RHP, ARI)
Injury: Tendinitis – right shoulder
DL date: June 2
Estimated DL time: Bradley pitched poorly in his four starts since coming off the DL and is now back on the DL. They say the MRI indicates there isn’t any structural damage, which is good news. He should be able to recover in 21-25 days with treatment and rehab. If he needs more time, it indicates he has a more serious problem.

Justin Morneau (1B, COL)
Injury: Concussion (originally on 7-day DL)
DL date: May 14
Estimated DL time: He missed the second half of the 2009 season due to concussion symptoms. At that time, his career was in doubt. Another concussion only adds to his history of concussions. The strained neck and concussion that landed him on the DL still appears to be a problem. He’s out indefinitely until we get more information.

Adrian Beltre (3B, TEX)
Injury: Sprained left thumb with a laceration (cut)
DL date: June 1
Estimated DL time: Once he’s able to grip a bat, he’ll be close to returning after a short rehab assignment. The target date is likely around 17-24 days. More concerning is the fact it is to his left thumb—the bottom hand on the bat. This likely will cause him to struggle with his power in his return. And as we learned with Dustin Pedroia and others, that power outage can linger for a considerable amount of time.

Ricky Nolasco (RHP, MIN)
Injury: Right ankle pain (likely nerve)
DL date: June 1
Estimated DL time: The MRI done on the ankle ruled out any noticeable ligament damage. His description of the pain sounds like nerve pain. This might be something as simple as a bruising of the nerve or swelling putting pain on the nerve. If that is the case, he’ll be back in 20-24 days—if it’s more serious, he’s out indefinitely.

Jorge Soler (OF, CHC)
Injury: Sprained left ankle
DL date: June 2
Estimated DL time: The good news is he doesn’t have a high ankle sprain. Still, he has enough swelling and loss of range of motion he’s a good three weeks or so away from being ready for activation.

Marlon Byrd (OF, CIN)
Injury: Fractured right wrist
DL date: June 3
Estimated DL time: The good news for Byrd owners is the fracture does not require any surgery to set it. Depending how quickly it heals, we could see him back just after four weeks or early July.

Jordan Lyles (RHP, COL)
Injury: Torn ligament – left big toe
DL date: June 1
Estimated DL time: The torn medial (inside) collateral ligament in his big toe is serious enough that he can’t handle the weight transfer to his front leg in the pitching motion. He’ll have surgery to repair the damage and is lost for the season.

Tim Beckham (2B, TB)
Injury: Strained right hamstring
DL date: Retro to May 31
Estimated DL time: The Rays tried to nurse it along for a few days, but he needs more time to recover. He’s expected to return the middle of June.

Paco Rodriguez (LHP, LA)
Injury: Sore pitching elbow
DL date: Retro to May 30
Estimated DL time: It doesn’t sound like bone spurs or chips, nor does it involve the UCL. The Dodgers believe it will be a short 17-20 days before he returns.

Khris Davis (OF, MIL)
Injury: Torn meniscus right knee + surgery
DL date: May 31
Estimated DL time: He underwent surgery to remove the part of the torn meniscus that was bothering him. This is the second time he has had surgery on the knee; the first was spring training 2009. At some point, this knee will become a chronic problem. He should return in roughly three weeks or so from this surgery.

Sean Doolittle (LHP, OAK)
Injury: Strained left shoulder
DL date: May 28
Estimated DL time: He’s back on the DL for a different ailment, suggesting he needed more DL time the first time around. The problem is the May 27th outing was his first of the season. His shoulder issues were known and being treated way back in January. With all this information, it is hard to believe he’ll return and be effective for any length of time this season.

Stephen Strasburg (RHP, WAS)
Injury: Strained left trapezius muscle
DL date: May 30
Estimated DL time: The problem area is in his neck and barring a surprise discoverym we should see him back on the mound the middle of June.

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