DR HQ: 2013 injury risks: Shortstop

Hanley Ramirez (SS/3B, LA) 
When Ramirez was with the Marlins a few seasons ago he underwent surgery on his right shoulder to repair a torn labrum. Up until this offseason, we had not heard of any signs that he had right shoulder issues. He ended up DHing this winter to protect the shoulder. So far this spring it is all quiet on the injury front. He is being reviewed here because he is expected to move back to shortstop after playing third base the past few campaigns. Will his shoulder hold up? It should or the Dodgers would not have considered the move back to short. Still, Ramirez owners should keep this in the back of your mind. Shortstop can be more demanding on the throwing shoulder.
Draft Day Risk: Slight

Jose Reyes (SS, TOR)
He has shown the ability to avoid a major injury the past few seasons. Now Reyes moves to an artificial surface for half his games and one has to wonder if his body will hold up. I wouldn’t avoid him on draft day, just be prepared for the possibility of some hamstring or back issues in 2013.
Draft Day Risk: Slight

Troy Tulowitzki  (SS, COL)
Abdominal tissue and nerve problems cost him most of last season. This spring he has looked solid without any signs of the abdominal problem. The Rockies are counting on a big rebound season and as of right now there isn’t any reason it can’t happen.
Draft Day Risk: Low

Starlin Castro (SS, CHC)
Late in February Castro suffered a slightly strained left hamstring. He’s back playing in the field and running without any noticeable problems with the hammy. As long as he avoids a setback the next couple of weeks, he shouldn’t be a risk on draft day.
Draft Day Risk: Slight

Alcides Escobar (SS, KC)
He had back spasms surfaced about a week ago and is now being slowly eased back into action. The Royals do not appear to be concerned that he won’t be ready at the start of the season. He doesn’t have any history of back or hamstring problems and this looks like a minor injury that will be cleared up by Opening Day.
Draft Day Risk: None.

Derek Jeter (SS, NYY)
Jeter suffered a serious fractured left ankle attempting to field a ground ball during the playoffs. He had surgery and it was almost a given he would not be ready for Opening Day. He’s already playing in the field for parts of a game which is a surprise considering early reports about the injury. As encouraging as that is, Jeter is likely going to need a bit more time to get game ready. A short stint on he DL is likely but he’s not a big risk on draft day though a slow start is possible.
Draft Day Risk: Medium

Stephen Drew (SS, BOS)
Drew suffered a concussion earlier in March and has not yet returned to the field or at the plate. Concussions can and usually are unpredictable with regards to  a player’s return date. Additionally, the player in question is more susceptible to suffering another one and needing an extending break to shake the symptoms.
Draft Day Risk: Medium

Conclusion:  This is what you want to see in a positional group; very little risk. Owners drafting right now shouldn’t have any reservations with the exception of Drew and maybe Derek Jeter. Enjoy because it doesn’t happen often.

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