Jock Thompson
Now with rebuilding CHW and a promising 2018 September under his belt, Yoan Moncada has plenty of opportunity, and looks poised to take another step forward. He heads our intriguing 2018 2B contingent.
Jock Thompson
Greg Bird has had two consecutive seasons trashed by injuries, but with health he still looks like a 30+ HR year waiting to happen. He's just one of several developing 1B who we think can earn $10 or more in 2018.
Jock Thompson
Francisco Mejia has offensive upside worth waiting on, even if it doesn't come together in 2018. His ceiling rises above the others on our catcher list, as our off-season Dynasty Reload series begins.
Jock Thompson
Commissioners still enjoying the off-season and who haven't yet turned to 2018 need to get cracking. Because there's very likely work to be done.


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