HQNOW: 2018 First Pitch Forums: Adapt or Lose

Adapt or Lose: New Rules for Building your Fantasy Team

BaseballHQ.com presents: First Pitch Forums 2018

Our game is not new, but it has certainly changed in the past few years. Tried-and-true strategies have been invalidated. Conventional wisdom has been flipped. Winning your league in 2018 will require a ground-up reboot of your roster construction philosophy. Join the team at BaseballHQ.com as well as other fantasy baseball experts in guiding you through the changing landscape. 

In five locations over two weekends—St. Louis, Chicago, Washington/Baltimore, New York and Boston—we will present these informative, engaging and entertaining events and give you the clues on outsmarting your competitors in 2018. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!! Hope to see you there.  

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